Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I know...I know...

For all 16 of you who read and/ or follow this little blog, here is a solid attempt at not making every other post an apology for a lack of posting.
There it's out there, I am a blog slacker and I know it. The intention of the blog, or blob as some fondly call it, is to keep those of you who live in far far away land informed about our happenings. No they won't be daily, but darn it, surely I can manage weekly right?
So here is a quick Christmas recap: driving, birthday dinner, driving, Christmas Eve lunch, driving, Christmas Eve dinner, crying baby, Christmas morning lounging and SNOW, driving, lunch and then ahhhh...
Would you believe it I was given the gift of a mid-day nap?! Our sweet baby girl took to marathon 2.5 and 3 hour naps at my parents' house (that never happens at our house) and I was allowed to indulge in a rather extravagant 1.5 hour nap myself, unheard of.
It must have been all the lights, present opening and toy playing that wore her out. She had such a big time. We loved having her participate in Christmas this year! She was obsessed with the Christmas trees and their lights, and every gift she saw prompted a chorus of "Open, open open!" Which sounds a lot like "Opie, opie, opie." And all Santa figures got a hearty "Ho ho ho." Just precious, really.

I hope that all of you had a blessed and restful Christmas. I was grateful for all of our wonderful gifts! And thanks to having many helping hands I got to relax. My sister was and still is in town from Austin and while I am jealous of my parents having her all to themselves while I am back at work this week, I am looking forward to this weekend and getting a little more time in with her.
So now I must get to menu planning, I love most all things about a small town, but there are only a few places to pick from for New Year's Eve and while I love all of them, I just can't bring myself to want to get out. I am thinking of a simple gathering a friends with lots of cooking and maybe some champagne? We will see what actually transpires. I can't recall actually being awake for midnight for the past several years, I am such a granny. So if I can find some friends that don't mind hanging out with a granny we might have a plan.