Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the road again...

I was in Nashville last weekend and as we speak type I am headed to Charleston, South Carolina with two great friends to do the Cooper River Bridge Run!! I cannot wait, though we might have to call it the Cooper River Bridge Walk before it is all over. Doesn't it look fun??

Really it is such a great run, and it is in such an amazing city. It's really a good excuse to take a trip and eat some good food! I can't wait!

Hopefully we will all return in one piece injury free.

Say a prayer as Hubby will be taking care of Baby H, solo. I am sure they will both be fine, just as sure as I am that they will both be glad to see me return.

Happy weekends to all of you!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Work in progress

Ok, so here is where we are today...
Still a long way to go, but better right? I am planning to get some plants over the weekend. And hopefully either some pictures or a make a giant corkboard to stick on the wall. That way I can change out pictures and things that inspire me. I am also thinking about a fish, though I am not sure who will feed it over the weekend. They can go a couple of day without food though right?
Ugh, I really wish I had a window, sadly  I just look out the ones that are across the way. I am deprived of natural light.

In other news - I may have just eaten melted plastic. Check out the part that isn't blurry, yes that part. That is where the plastic melted and you can see through the container! I am fairly sure that the box these little things come is says microwave and dishwasher safe. But according to recent research - just because you can doesn't mean you should. Clearly.

So here is to a happy weekend to all! I am going to help my very hip cousin tie up, hopefully, all of the loose ends for her wedding! Should be a good time. I need to run, oh yea running. I have been doing some. Can't let those pretty new pink shoes get dusty. I actually made my first attempt with the baby jogger - with the baby IN the jogger! Hoo boy! I was not prepared for that at all. Want to feel really fat and out of shape, go steal a baby filled jogger from the closest workout freak of a mom and try to run while pushing it. I made it a mile and a half. Did I mention that I recently ran/ walked 6 miles? So you can imagine how deflating of an experience it was yesterday to huff anf puff one lap around the park. And I was panicking because I know the whole time Baby H was just like "Go faster woman! Is this seriously all you have got?"
 Next time she is pushing and I am riding!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Could be worse...

When you figure that the average working American spends about 91520 hours actually working in their lifetime, it helps to like what you are doing. But even more importantly, it improves your overall outlook to like where you are working. As in: your office space. I love my job, but I do not love my little office area. It is rather unimpressive, but it is my own fault.  

Unimpressive might be an overstatement, it is depressing! I have been sitting here for almost three years now. It has undergone some changes, thanks to mysterious water damage...I won't go into that story here. My mom helped me do a little furniture shifting and added a little color this weekend. But I need help people! This is a work in progress and I will post the results when I am done.

In other news, I went to the dentist and got THREE fillings! THREE!! I have not had the torture of dental work for ages, and I sure am making up for lost time with that little trip. And I have to go back next week for one more. Out of the kindness of their hearts they only make you do one side at a time. Thankfully the other side only needs one. Oh and did I mention I am going to the girl doctor tomorrow and the eye doctor at the end of the week? Anyone want to trade for my week?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just had to post this too cute pic of Baby H. She is totally infatuated with our little yorkie - Lola. I mean she LOVES that little furball. I sat H down just after feeding the furbaby and you would have thought she was giving an Oscar winning performance on how to chew on the one side if your mouth with very few remaining teeth.
Lola could care less about Baby H's fascination. It is more like taunting with Lola. "I will come close enough to get your attention and just far enough away that you cannot touch me. Ha ha, you silly little human with under developed motor skills, you can only flap your arms about with no real purpose."
Poor Lola has always been the center of attention until Baby H came along. Though I have to say she has adjusted remarkably well. Much better than I expected. Of course I am bragging on her right now and will most likely come home to little tootsie roll turds in the hallway. Sorry if I have now ruined that candy for you.
This is quite an accurate picture of how Lola approaches life. It's her world and we are just living in it. She has a knack for finding the highest and softest perch and settling there for HOURS! I don't know how to prepare her that her perching days are about to come to an end as Baby H is closer and closer to crawling with each passing day.

Don't freak out, she is not that close. She thinks she is doing something though. She goes from sitting to a face plant in .03 seconds in any attempt to get something shiny or crunchy as she has figured out how to 'throw her weight around.' I see an emergency trip to the pediatrician in our very near future. .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sick of being sick!

I know I have not updated in a while, but to be honest y'all have not missed anything. But just for fun I will give a brief summation of the week past:
Monday - I was home with a cold
Tuesday - Baby H finally got rid of her rib rattling cough
Wednesday - Baby H got pink eye!
Thursday - we are up from 9pm until 11:30pm because Baby H is wheezing and coughing so hard she vomited...all over me
Friday - doctor says her cough is normal, but SUPRISE double ear infections!
Saturday - blur
Sunday - blurrier
Monday - my boss really nicely says "you don't look like you feel good, just go on home"
Today - somehow wake up worse than the day before

See all the fun you missed? Aren't you glad you are all up to speed on our lives?
The flip side to my being sick is that I have caught up on some reading in the baby manual. I stopped somewhere around month four and as I was thumbing through today I realized, that with very little guidance from the book, Baby H is somehow magically on track. Huh, how 'bout that? We are not total parenting idiots! But I fear that this is really the easy part and I need to be arming myself with books and prayers of strength for the teenage years.

I have also been reading Mark Batterson's book Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity. So far so good, however I am only about twenty pages in. I have learned about heart transplants and muscle memory - fascinating.  A line stuck with me that challenges me to think about the things that break the heart of God. And a new question, about the emotional vs. logical. Where is the place for both of these things in Christianity as it appears today in the 21st century? A fairly educated age I might add. Just ponderings, no answers yet.

Whew, didn't mean to get all deep - it must be the medicine.
I will leave you with a precious picture of our sweet baby. Who graduated to outward facing in her baby jogger! On one of the rare sunny days we have had this week, I was able to get home early to take us both for a walk in hopes that the sunshine would rid us of our funks - sadly it was not to be. This picture was taken just hours before the vomiting coughs. But she looks so cute!