Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diaper Bags: what gives?

So here I am browsing through the Cribsie Awards and have discovered several things: 1) this is a pretty awesome time killer 2) it is also a helpful and revelatory site. So I am browsing down the categories and I see one of the categories is "Chicest Diaper Bag that Doesn't Look Like a Diaper Bag." Yes seriously, that really is a category. But you know, in the hospital they don't give you the option of "Post-partum Body that Doesn't Look Like I  Just Had a Baby."  So who are they fooling? I am pretty sure that everyone will notice the adorable, but sometimes drooling and smelly infant in your arms. But maybe if you have a super cool really expensive diaper bag they won't think its yours!And I am sure no one gave a second thought to that expanding beach ball under your shirt.

So here are some of your baby disguising options:

The Kate Spade Stevie Bag  - I know I have seen several of these floating around town.
Petunia Pickle Bottom's Touring tote
Anything Vera Bradley - especially if you are from the South

I am fortunate enough that I had a friend make a bag for Not so Much Baby H that has held up beautifully for almost two years now, complete with changing pad. You can find her on Facebook. Of course with our excellent timing, it is starting to look like we may need to invest in another bag. Either a regular one or one that is a bit larger so that we can put both babies things in one bag. Thoughts or suggestions?

Edit: I began this post a few days prior to the storms that came through. We are all ok and hope that you are too! There was quite a bit of damage in Oxford, one of our church families lost their entire house. We continue to hear about more damage across the south and pray for those who lost more than just earthly possessions. 

Also, there will be an Easter post coming soon!