Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What is THAT?!

I love my sweet baby, but for once...just once, I would like to get out of the house without snot or drool on my work clothes. Impossible you say? Well can I at least notice it before I am halfway through the work day? Preferably before I have seen about ten people who are rather important or well known in the community.
Granted, when you live in a small town everyone thinks  they are important - so maybe I have only seen about two important people. But THEY weren't going to say "Hey lady what is that on your pants leg?" Oh this? Hmm, looks like a baby booger to me! It's part of my outfit. It's my final accessory, no ensemble of mine is complete without it. All the mommas are wearing them. What? You don't have one? HOW JEALOUS ARE YOU?!
I mean I could avoid touching her altogether, but how can you resist this:
And thanks for all of your prayers! I am thrilled to report that The Hubs has secured temporary employment. We are all very excited about buying Charmin over the scratchy generic brand for the next little bit. Our bottoms and noses thank you too! Because if there is one thing I hate to sacrifice it is quality TP - and I know many of you are bobbing your heads at your screens right now.

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