Friday, August 13, 2010

New Era

Sort of...I am looking at a weekend that will hold two fairly major events in my life. Who knew they would both be on the same day? Well God knew, but He didn't tell me until sometime this past spring. Ha!
This Saturday will hold both my ten year high school reunion and my first child's first birthday! I just let out a huge sigh as I typed that. There is a lot of life that has happened in both of those time lines. Unfortunately we are not going to make the reunion. There is a rather large sporting event in Oxford this weekend, so we are staying here to participate. I am doing the 5k and the Hubs is doing one of the bike rides. I guess this is our way of saying that we are still cool and somewhat fit. Really I am afraid that these events will confirm our worst fears - we are no longer the spry twenty somethings we think we are. This is also the argument the Hubs likes to use for Baby #2, you know the "we aren't getting any younger" one. Somehow that evokes a less than thrilled response about physically carrying another human being for the better part of a year. Another, because Soon-to-No-Longer-Be-Baby H has recently discovered that being held and carried is her favorite thing, next to holding our fingers and following her belly around the house on tiptoe.
Hope everyone has a fun weekend in store.I am hoping that by sometime tomorrow evening I will reminiscing over a glass of wine about the last year of parenthood and comparing it to the other previous 9 or fewer years that seem productive but less full than the last couple have been!

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  1. you're that old missy!! don't throw your youth away just yet. you can be a mom and a hip, fit, late-20-somthing too!