Saturday, June 12, 2010

Follow up to that last one.

I couldn't figure out how to comment with the way I posted that video...
OK the ONLY reason I put it up there was because I thought it was HYSTERICAL!! I mean really funny. With all my trials and tears with nursing Baby H I have to say if I had seen that video then it would have given me the laughs to help me make it through. There is no judgment here at all. Some women love it, some hate it. Some do it for years, some for weeks. I will say that some is better than nothing, but above all the most important thing is a happy momma. Because a happy momma = a happy baby.
I know that it just doesn't work out for some people. I know two people who physically could not do it for one reason or another and you know what? Their babies are FINE.
And yes, all of you who are or may be nursing in the future, you can thank me for thinking about Fergie every time you unclip your bra!

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