Tuesday, August 24, 2010

detox: for life!

So I am on day 8 of an 11 day detox plan...it isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. It is a 7 day prep with a one day liquid fast and then 3 days post-fast. It is the Fast Track Detox and it really is great, once you get used to it. I did the same author's Fat Flush Plan years ago when I had lots of issues, and it made a remarkable difference in my life. Seriously. So far I have lost 9lbs, most of which I think was water being held by all the nasty things I have eaten over the last year.
I got the Hubs to do it with me, and my sister is doing it long distance - though she is a day ahead, lucky her fast is behind her. The Hubs managed to hang tough for 4 days, but the no gluten and no caffeine was a deal breaker for him. I can't blame him. However, we have both seen a marked difference in how we look and feel and how we think about food. I used to be crazy strict about food but pregnancy has a way of changing things. And I never really got back on track. Reading this book teaches you a lot about food toxins and what they do to your body. Now, there are plenty of things that I love that I cannot wait to eat again, so no finger pointing coming from me. Maybe just not eat as much or as often. But I can tell that this has made an impact on our family and I am very grateful that my husband is embracing this new and improved style of eating for major lifestyle enhancement!
Today is the Miracle Juice fasting day and I have made it to noon, I am halfway through the fasting day!! Sitting down to a mani/ pedi to take my mind off it and reward myself for being disciplined and sticking to it. I will let you all know that I have survived and what the results were!

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