Friday, August 6, 2010

Feedback please

As you can see there is a new look here. And a new title and header. So with all of that I would really like to change the address to go along with it - but I can't figure out how to do it! Well really every imaginable combination of related words seems to be taken. So bear with me as the address no longer matches the title or theme. I am working on it.
I promise this will not become a regular thing, me changing thing up on you all of the time. This was prompted by my background expiring and I figure I can always work with a bird theme. There are lots of metaphors there for family and life. I really should get with it and design my own background and title/ banner...but who has the time?
Any helpful bits of advice or tips are much appreciated!


  1. i know it is possible. i don't exactly know how to do it. i can try to helo you if you want!

  2. Three little birds is the name of one of the best new restaurants in the Chuck! go with it! love you, mean it!

  3. If you want some help let me know. I know how to do custom headers and such! 3 little birds is cute!

  4. have you ever heard the song, "the littlest birds singe the prettiest songs" by the be good tanyas? might find some inspiration there...