Friday, September 3, 2010

Belated Birthday Recap

Well since it has been two weeks since the big celebration I better fill you guys in on all of the happenings before I totally forget them! Thanks to my brilliant sister-in-law for capturing the days events. We had both the camera and the Handycam out for packing, but they somehow never made it into the bag. It's a good thing we know people who like to take pictures, the only evidence of my pregnancy are on the iPhone. Well that and the stretch marks. I digress...
The party was wonderful! It was so sweet to have so many family, from both sides, around to celebrate. And the baby girl was in rare form. She had a big time and showed out for everyone! I think she had a little help in her performance from her first taste of sugar. She was not too sure about her birthday cupcake at first, but after accidentally tasting the icing she was hooked. I had to take it away, I just didn't think she needed the whole large cupcake with that insane amount of icing all at once.
 Baby H loved unwrapping her presents and playing with them. Funnily enough she actually did love the presents more than the paper - quite the change from Christmas!

And most of you may remember this particular toy - I think you are all old enough, maybe. My sweet cousin and her husband found this old school telephone! I remember playing with the very same one when I was little. Of course Baby H has only ever seen an iPhone, so she wondered why this one didn't light up. But she LOVES the wiggly eyes and the dinging.

By the way this first birthday brought all kinds of noises to our house!! Prior to this we only had one or two rattles, not that it kept her from making her own noise. I think out of all the toys she received, only three or four DID NOT MAKE NOISE! So thank you all for that, and my pharmacist thanks you as well... every time he fills my Valium order.

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