Friday, September 17, 2010

You can find me in my bomb shelter

You guys! I have been reading a lot about product toxicity, hormone disruptors and what not. It's enough to make me want to get a bubble for each of us. Except that I can't. Because that bubble might be made of materials that make us grow hair in places it's not supposed to be and release particles out into the air and live in our lungs FOREVER!!  But I digress...that is what you come here for, right? For the digressions. Can you imagine what it is really like to be inside of my mind. Oh the poor sweet Hubs, how does he live with me?
Any hoo. I have several site and blogs that I have stumbled upon and wanted to share them with you. And encourage you to consider your cleaning supplies and toiletry products. Of course I cannot afford to completely start over, but I have decided to replace each product as I run out. So, Wednesday I bought my first what I will call 'safe' product. Some eyeliner. And it is awesome! Stays on all day, doesn't itch. Great so far. And then today I was forced to make a second purchase...don't you hate it when you forget deoderant? Man, I do. A quick trip to Walgreens and I was fixed right up. And that is the great thing, I don't have to always go to crazy places to get good stuff. I can find a lot of good things here in little ole Oxford!

I spend a decent amount of time researching a product before I make a purchase. Here are the sites that have really helped me this week:
The Good Guide        and        Skin Deep
It is totally worth it to check these out. It takes some time, but it's not hard to decipher once you get the hang of it. Oh and I also stumbled upon this great blog: No More Dirty Looks which is quite informative and funny. Because yes you can get carried away, so a little humor helps a lot.

Just something to think about it. With a little research and planning this CAN be done! And it can be accessible and affordable. That is what I hope you will take away from this. You don't have to be all or nothing. You can make little changes, as you go - which is much more effective for a lifestyle shift. Let me know what you think! Or if you have any suggestions for product or site favorites.

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