Sunday, July 24, 2011

I might need a new title huh?

Still here, still pregnant. Very pregnant. About 97% pregnant I believe. Ha.
So we need to switch the name of the blog...again. But I want a different address too, so I will let you know when/if that changes, as there will soon be four little birds in our nest!

Sorry to have dropped off the blog. We have had a few changes in our home life and it means a little less free time for mama. But we are really thankful for the extra work and income that the Hubs is getting. Y'all just say a prayer for him as he is driving back and forth to Memphis those few days. He finishes up his degree at Belhaven at the end of October and we are just anxiously anticipating the new opportunities that may come our way as a result. Don't worry Oxford friends, we are not going anywhere with a newborn in tow! This spring we decided to take at least a year and prayerfully consider what God has in store for us in the future. Right now I am just trying to sort through the noise so that I can hear a bit more clearly. Intentional praying is a skill that I am not proficient in, or maybe it is the listening? Perhaps a combination of both.
Lately I tend to be a pray when I think about it person. Just little short prayers, bullet prayers I think they call them. I am really looking forward to maternity leave...for lots of reasons. But I am planning to use this time to be more intentional about my prayer life. And have fun with my new little one of course.

So here is the latest progress on the baby room:

We cannot wait to find out who will be living here!

And here is the latest progress on the belly:

Also cannot wait for whoever is living in there to GET OUT!

Back to the doctor on Wednesday and hoping for some good news! We have everything ready now, even put the infant car seat in the car - I thought having two cribs in our house was a shock. I was not prepared to have my entire backseat covered with car seats, books and remnant goldfish. You know what would make a million dollars? A hand vac that you kept in your car! Like in the trunk or something and charged off the battery. Man, I would buy a car just for that reason.
Don't steal my idea, you heard it here first! And I need that million, we are about to have two in diapers and daycare!

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