Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just had to post this too cute pic of Baby H. She is totally infatuated with our little yorkie - Lola. I mean she LOVES that little furball. I sat H down just after feeding the furbaby and you would have thought she was giving an Oscar winning performance on how to chew on the one side if your mouth with very few remaining teeth.
Lola could care less about Baby H's fascination. It is more like taunting with Lola. "I will come close enough to get your attention and just far enough away that you cannot touch me. Ha ha, you silly little human with under developed motor skills, you can only flap your arms about with no real purpose."
Poor Lola has always been the center of attention until Baby H came along. Though I have to say she has adjusted remarkably well. Much better than I expected. Of course I am bragging on her right now and will most likely come home to little tootsie roll turds in the hallway. Sorry if I have now ruined that candy for you.
This is quite an accurate picture of how Lola approaches life. It's her world and we are just living in it. She has a knack for finding the highest and softest perch and settling there for HOURS! I don't know how to prepare her that her perching days are about to come to an end as Baby H is closer and closer to crawling with each passing day.

Don't freak out, she is not that close. She thinks she is doing something though. She goes from sitting to a face plant in .03 seconds in any attempt to get something shiny or crunchy as she has figured out how to 'throw her weight around.' I see an emergency trip to the pediatrician in our very near future. .

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  1. Im so excited for the day when H tries to catch Lola! Lola is gonna freak out!