Friday, March 19, 2010

Work in progress

Ok, so here is where we are today...
Still a long way to go, but better right? I am planning to get some plants over the weekend. And hopefully either some pictures or a make a giant corkboard to stick on the wall. That way I can change out pictures and things that inspire me. I am also thinking about a fish, though I am not sure who will feed it over the weekend. They can go a couple of day without food though right?
Ugh, I really wish I had a window, sadly  I just look out the ones that are across the way. I am deprived of natural light.

In other news - I may have just eaten melted plastic. Check out the part that isn't blurry, yes that part. That is where the plastic melted and you can see through the container! I am fairly sure that the box these little things come is says microwave and dishwasher safe. But according to recent research - just because you can doesn't mean you should. Clearly.

So here is to a happy weekend to all! I am going to help my very hip cousin tie up, hopefully, all of the loose ends for her wedding! Should be a good time. I need to run, oh yea running. I have been doing some. Can't let those pretty new pink shoes get dusty. I actually made my first attempt with the baby jogger - with the baby IN the jogger! Hoo boy! I was not prepared for that at all. Want to feel really fat and out of shape, go steal a baby filled jogger from the closest workout freak of a mom and try to run while pushing it. I made it a mile and a half. Did I mention that I recently ran/ walked 6 miles? So you can imagine how deflating of an experience it was yesterday to huff anf puff one lap around the park. And I was panicking because I know the whole time Baby H was just like "Go faster woman! Is this seriously all you have got?"
 Next time she is pushing and I am riding!

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