Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sick of being sick!

I know I have not updated in a while, but to be honest y'all have not missed anything. But just for fun I will give a brief summation of the week past:
Monday - I was home with a cold
Tuesday - Baby H finally got rid of her rib rattling cough
Wednesday - Baby H got pink eye!
Thursday - we are up from 9pm until 11:30pm because Baby H is wheezing and coughing so hard she vomited...all over me
Friday - doctor says her cough is normal, but SUPRISE double ear infections!
Saturday - blur
Sunday - blurrier
Monday - my boss really nicely says "you don't look like you feel good, just go on home"
Today - somehow wake up worse than the day before

See all the fun you missed? Aren't you glad you are all up to speed on our lives?
The flip side to my being sick is that I have caught up on some reading in the baby manual. I stopped somewhere around month four and as I was thumbing through today I realized, that with very little guidance from the book, Baby H is somehow magically on track. Huh, how 'bout that? We are not total parenting idiots! But I fear that this is really the easy part and I need to be arming myself with books and prayers of strength for the teenage years.

I have also been reading Mark Batterson's book Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity. So far so good, however I am only about twenty pages in. I have learned about heart transplants and muscle memory - fascinating.  A line stuck with me that challenges me to think about the things that break the heart of God. And a new question, about the emotional vs. logical. Where is the place for both of these things in Christianity as it appears today in the 21st century? A fairly educated age I might add. Just ponderings, no answers yet.

Whew, didn't mean to get all deep - it must be the medicine.
I will leave you with a precious picture of our sweet baby. Who graduated to outward facing in her baby jogger! On one of the rare sunny days we have had this week, I was able to get home early to take us both for a walk in hopes that the sunshine would rid us of our funks - sadly it was not to be. This picture was taken just hours before the vomiting coughs. But she looks so cute!

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  1. what a hat! adorable!! hope you feel better.