Friday, April 2, 2010

So little time...

I am sorry I have not updated everyone on the Bridge Run weekend! As I recap the week's events you will understand why.
The trip to Charleston, SC was amazing! Thanks to these two ladies: Meg and Mary Elizabeth. Meg will have a much more eloquent recap of the run on her blog. She ran with her sister, ran the whole dang thing! ME and I, well we paced ourselves. Thanks ME for not leaving me in the dirt! I have really only run a handful of times in the last month because of work, sick baby, travel, and what not. Excuses aside, we finished in just over an hour, and we figured we ended up walking maybe a mile and running the rest. Not bad for someone who had a baby 7.5 months ago - even if I still look like I had her 4 months ago.
I have come to realize that for some the baby weight doesn't just fall off. For some it hangs around, like a reserve of energy to pull from. Which is good, because some days you don't have time to eat.  I am ok with that, but I am making an attempt to be a bit more proactive about it these days.

Speaking of not having time to eat. After a productive seven consecutive days at work I got a phone call from daycare to come pick up Baby H because she had 101 fever. So we stayed home on Wednesday, to paint our toenails and eat bon bons. Oh wait, that is what some people thought we did. We actually spent most of the day rejecting naps and fighting bottles, not usually a big deal but when the fever climbed to 104, I was a little concerned. I think that is when baby brains actually start cooking. Lots of whining and rocking with a damp washcloth on her forehead seemed to help the most. She managed to get in one nap in momma's lap. Sad, sad baby. 

Thankfully we all survived and I was able to have a very productive Thursday leading a session for Oxford's finest future leaders. Thanks to my mom who came to keep Baby H who was still wavering between 100 and 101. She also managed to clean most of our house, get flowers and so some Easter decorating. I am thinking these super-powered multitasking skills are learned, not inherited like I had hoped.
Today is Good Friday and I am so thankful to have the day off from work. We have had a great morning so far and Baby H is resting up for another round in the baby jogger! Here is a photo of her in her high chair, I think she likes it.

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  1. Damn straight. Given that you completed a marathon 7.5 months ago, I'd say you kicked butt in the bridge run. Tell that Kenyan fellow who won to try giving birth.