Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's going on

Here are a few pics for you to see. We have been so busy going and doing that I have had zero time to post!

We finally tested out the swing - Baby H has a love/ hate relationship with the swing. She is so excited about getting in it and going, but then it is like she realizes "Hey, wait a minute...you could be holding me, GET ME OUT!"

She attended her first Rebel baseball game, thanks to our wonderful friend Mary Elizabeth! We LOVE Mary Elizabeth, she kept Harper when she was a teeny baby and now she keeps me sane as my running buddy. We even have matching running shoes!

Here is Baby H with some of her friends from daycare. You have to love that she knows she is way to big for the baby seat, but she is making it work. And checking on everyone in the process.

Let me think...what else has she been doing...
OH! New teeth coming in, yes that is tooth number 5 that is here and number 6 on the way. Too bad all I can really get her to use them on is my shoulder. Maybe its the food, I mean how good can those little puffs really be?
Still no movement yet, well that isn't entirely true. She can rotate 360 degrees around in one spot but hasn't quite got the forward motion down just yet. Not that I am in a rush, but man that kid is so PISSED that she can't get anywhere. In the meantime my rather under-toned arms are providing her immediate transportation needs. The union is about to go on strike.

I know you don't come here to read about anything else, but in case you did here is a brief overview of what has been going on in the rest of our lives: Hubs is on a two week break from school, and we are so excited to have him around a little more! And I will take this moment to publicly (yes you 13 are the public) brag on him for being amazing around the house. I don't think I have had to ask him once in about five days to help with something. I just came home for lunch and saw that a load of laundry had been completed. Yes, ladies be very jealous. AND he has a cute booty!
Meanwhile I am dealing with some major delayed working mother issues...everything was going fine until we hit this slightly clingy phase. I may go into details later, and it is not that I want to be a stay at home mom. I just am trying to figure out how to balance it all, remain sane and not propogate some martyr complex in the process. I am reading and praying a lot. It is helping and I will let you know what I come out with on the other end!

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  1. count me as public number 14! Im just behind because we are not using the internet at work right now. its boring for 8 hours a day!