Friday, May 14, 2010

Just a rant...

Because it all needs to be said...
To the person who gave us the bright red bath towel for Baby H, do you hate me? Like doing laundry for three people isn't difficult enough. Good thing she is a girl so now that everything is pink, because yes I washed it with other things in my medicine induced and sleep-deprived stupor, at least it all will look like it was supposed to be that way.
To the maker of Banana Republic Jeans, and all affiliated or similarly afflicted clothes making companies, why must you incorrectly size your things? I know we as women really do not have enough to worry about when it comes to personal appearance, but is it necessary to add 2 or even 4 to every size, so even a skinny b*%$# thinks she needs to run her ass around the block. I realize that getting back to my pre-baby weight has taken (is taking) longer than the average supermodel with a personal trainer and dietitian on call is allowed, but really come on. By the way your size 14's are now very baggy on me - so that puts me in a what now? Size 10 in normal people clothes?!
To my wounded, though until now undiscovered, expectations, yes there will always be people with more and better, just as many with less and worse. BE THANKFUL.
And last but not least dear Weight Watchers, while I do love you and everything you have done for me and will continue using your fabulous online program, is it necessary to chastise me for losing weight too quickly? First I am told I am far above my recommended range and then told to slow it down. Waha?

Ah...I feel much better, can someone please pass the pinot?

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