Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

We managed to make it to Nashville and back for a beautiful wedding! My cousin Hannah survived the flooding and wound up with gorgeous weather for an outdoor wedding at a beautiful venue, even if the managers were a little on the odd side. Oh well! We took Baby H with us and our little road warrior was the perfect rider!
This was the way she rode for almost two hours there and two hours home! She must take after her momma. I swear I have transportation induced narcolepsy. Just put me in something that is moving and I will conk out.
We went up on Friday morning and came back Sunday, so it was a FULL weekend. But it was wonderful to see almost all of my mother's side of the family. There is talk of a reunion - at a beachy location. Who can say no to that?
Things I learned about traveling with an almost 9 month old:
Pack a bag that has one of everything you might need and put it in arm's reach, so you don't have to sift through the BIG bag. You will need more clothes than you think - thank you leaky diapers. A noise machine is essential to good naps!
And lots of family means lots of help, so momma's hand actually got some of that rest that the doctor recommended. Side note: doctor's need to take a special class called Useless Medical Advice for Moms. Come on, 'just give my arm a break,' like that is even an option?! Does he have kids? Oh wait...he has a wife I bet, so I am sure he gets all the breaks he needs. Rant over.
Baby H is doing the Booty Scoot and the Army Crawl. I see lots of socket plugs and cabinet locks in our future. In fact, that is probably what our weekend plans will include. I can barely contain my excitement. Woo...hoo...

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