Friday, August 27, 2010

Final day of detox

I survived it! Ha, no really, it was great, after the first few days that is. But now, I notice a significant change in the way I feel. I feel cleaner and lighter. My skin looks awesome and I have more energy. I have to say, the one thing that I have noticed the most is how much better I sleep and fall asleep. Cursed with being a light sleeper, I have always struggled with waking up several times a night, for no reason. This is particularly annoying when it takes a minimum of  thirty minutes to fall asleep. But for the past few days I have gone to sleep quickly and only woken up once!  This waking can be attributed to the 75 ounces of water I am drinking daily. It is nearly impossible to get them all in before 4pm.
Also a bonus, I have lost 10lbs! Woo.Surely a large part was water weight, but who cares?! I feel great. Lighter even. So I am planning to keep up a modified version of this eating plan. And try to do the detox maybe once every two months. Just to keep bad habits like refined sugar and yucky fats at bay. Don't really miss dairy, but I have not been to a Mexican restaurant yet.
Today is the last day of the detox so the Hubs and I are going to celebrate with a movie, woo hoo. He is so excited because my average annual attendance to Malco is about 4 movies, so he will totally go see a girly one with me if it means I will actually go. We haven't decided if we want to see a self-indulgent woman whine and dine her way across the Eastern Hemisphere, or yet another rom-com about bucking the traditional family system. Hey, an escape is an escape and I will take that break from reality for a 100 or so minutes.

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  1. ooh.. ohh... do the self-indulgent woman whines and dines her way across the eastern hemisphere thing. you won't just be escaping to the malco. you'll be trekking all the way to italy, india, and bali!