Monday, September 6, 2010

Lovin' a long weekend!

And looking forward to a four day work week. It's so nice to be able to skip over Monday and go straight to Tuesday. Our weekend was VERY full. We made it to the in-laws family reunion, after what we thought was the shorter route turned out to be the longer route. Oops. Thanks to my favorite sis-in-law all three of us made it there happy and in one piece. Never hurts to bring some live backseat entertainment for a restless baby.
A baby who decided that she is no longer going to be a baby. This weekend was full of new things! H refuses to let me feed her with a spoon anymore, she can do it all by herself - thank you very much. But she does let me help her so she ends up eating at least 75% of whatever is in the bowl of choice. You can just imagine where the rest of it goes.  She has learned lots of new words and phrases including: Hi, hello Lola, and Hi baby! SO precious. And after over a month of cruising H decided that she no longer needed help getting around. Look mom no hands!!

And one sad 'last' to the weekend. It was the last time that the pool was open until next summer. We have absolutely LOVED going to the pool! By the end of the summer we had a little fish in the water. She went from clinging on for dear life to voluntarily putting her face in the water and jumping off the steps. H also did some swimming, and we are hoping to brush up on those skills at some point over the winter at the indoor pool. Just so she doesn't forget what she has learned from summer. Sadly, like so many things I am not sure we have any pictures of our pool adventures and all those cute swimsuits!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and said good bye to summer and good riddance to all that heat!

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  1. She's so good at it already! She'll be running by next week!!! So sweet!