Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big day...

So many things have happened in the last few days that were worth noting that I had to share them! First up:
I was able to button my first pair of pre-pregnancy pants! Applause all around. Fine that it only took me a little over five months, but let's be honest I wasn't really trying that hard. Remember the cookies? I am still perfecting them, by the way. But apparently they didn't do that much harm because I BUTTONED MY PANTS! Ha! So there is that. And all you people that can slink back into your skinny jeans weeks after giving birth, I feel sorry for you because you did not get to eat near as many cookies as I did.
What else? Oh! Major accomplishment number two: everyone got out of the door on time this morning. And I actually got to work a few minutes early. There was a time when this was my norm - that time was during the bliss of second trimester. You know when you have the insomnia and can't sleep but for some reason have unexplained energy that you must use. I used mine to get my ass out of bed and to work in a manner so timely that my former boss received a message that was time stamped 7:56. Uh huh, I was there before I had to be, and I was working! Anyways my new boss, bless his heart (don't you just love Southern expressions), is so understanding and after I totally abandoned him while on maternity leave he still overlooks the fact that I cannot seem to get myself there before 8:05, ever. Even on the days when Baby H sounds her alarm well before mine goes off. I promise I am working on this.
Also, I got my shoes! My sweet husband picked them up for me while on his way to class earlier this week. Woo hoo. Nevermind that they are hot pink - so pink that Barbie is jealous. I think they will make me run faster, hey I can hope right? If anything they will make my body more readily identifiable when they have to scrape me up off of the side of the road after attempting to complete (not compete) in one of the largest races in North America.

Alright I know that this post is all over the place. I was just so darn excited I had to share. But don't come here looking for logic (see previous post) or coherency. This is not the place. I'll try to keep it in line a bit more but this weekend was a total sleep sucker. Seriously, Baby H was sick, then crabby, then had shots, then was sick and crabby from the shots - and now it is almost Thursday. Must. Get. More. Sleep. Not tonight though, I am on baby duty solo since my other half seems to have a fever and is feeling ill. Who was that crazy lady talking about having more babies?


  1. hahah. you are funny. i'll see you tomorrow am, i'll be in your office at 10. i hope the mayor is as chipper as he was today when i spoke to him!=)

  2. You mean this being at work by 730am every day is not going to last but a few months? I dont sleep much but am more excited by the getting off work at 430pm that I am able to drag myself out of bed.