Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boo Boo

In four days I will be somewhere warmer and hopefully sunnier than it is here. Ugh, I am over the cold and the rain. Will I be missing my daughter's half birthday? Yes. Will it make a big difference in the grand scheme of things, only her future therapist will know.

I am going to the capital of weird, Austin, TX! I cannot wait. Home of the bats, SXSW, chicken shit bingo and my SISTER!! Since everything else is linky let's just link her up too. Here is her blog. And here is a picture of her on one of her recent travels. She totally looks like she is about to shatter some clays. I am a little intimidated I must say.

While I was rocking a sick wailing baby this morning, I think we  voted Mexican martini's and chicken shit bingo to the top of the list. A Baby H, who mysteriously was crying in her sleep. How do they do that? She felt so bad poor thing. So I let her nap on me. Me, parked in the chair with nothing but my unmentionables on because the world was about to shatter into a million pieces mid-dressing with the screams of pick-me-up-right-now-woman-damnit! (in the south damnit is one word) So there I was, shivering by the light of the iPhone, texting to keep me occupied while Baby H got in a good hour nap. AN HOUR! I was sitting in my undies with a crying slobbering snotty baby on me with nothing for warmth but the little booger monster I was holding. Am I up for mom of the year or what? Ok, maybe not but I do deserve a Mexican martini! 

Anna, otherwise known to her mother as Anna-Kathryn, and to most of the rest of us as Boo Boo, is an impeccable hostess. Now I can't remember who gave her that nickname. Hmm, it was either my Granny or out sweet aunt Sheila. My sister is going to text me right now and tell me - she doesn't forget anything! It started as Anna banana, then Anna Boo Boo, then Boo Boo and now sometimes just Boo. Way before Usher was singing about her.
Anyways I love visiting Boo Boo because once I get there I am on a total vacation. It is like having your own personal GPS, concierge, therapist, and co-conspirator all in one. But one that knows all about you and plays a key role in about 87% of your memories.
I can only pray that Baby H will have a sibling relationship half as close and special as we do. No there is not one on the way, everyone take a deep breath.  One of my favorite memories, I am not even sure I was present for, but I think I was...on a ride home from school one day, I think she was about 5 or 6, she saw a street sign and with a dismayed sigh said "momma, that isn't nice, they shouldn't talk about those slow children that way."


  1. Hallelujah for sisters. Can't imagine life without 'em.

  2. whelp, there goes my annonymity. and pride. that blog lasted all of 2.5 seconds.

    texas better watch out with both taylor sisters in town. we will hold a vigil in h's honor on the 14th. and i will pledge to buy her her first mexican martini in thanks for her selfless sacrifice.