Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little bean!

I cannot believe that we are rounding out to the halfway mark! While today may be the over-commercialized day of love for some there is a much bigger event happening. Make that two...
First: it is Baby H's half-birthday! Woo hoo! She is six months old today, wow. I cannot believe that all of us are still alive. All of us, including Lola our 3lb. very persnickety Yorkshire Terrier. She has finally adjusted to the fact that the noise making little human is not going anywhere and she is making her peace with is. Baby H is still alive. We did not kill her with less than sterile bottles or by sending her to daycare. Well, the after effects will be years in the making, but I figure if she can survive this long with me she will make it for the long haul.
The other celebration is that I can officially say that I have made my goal of breast feeding! Now, as of about two weeks ago she was no longer exclusively breast fed because I was spending more time with my pump than my baby or my husband - and well, that is just no fun for anyone. But if anyone knows the story of Baby H's first two months of life you know what an accomplishment this is. Let's just say that it involved lots of tears, sleepless days and nights, and pain worse than childbirth - before the epidural kicked in (which by the way never really 'kicked' in, ugh did you know there was a button on those things?!). And I can sympathize on almost every level with dairy cows - not a pretty picture.
But we are here now! And I am so glad that we, all three of us, were able to work out all of the issues.  I need to thank my sweet husband for sticking it out with me and being so amazingly supportive and doing things that I am sure he never envisioned having to do - especially in out first year of marriage, maybe ever.

Side note: yes we somehow (well we know how) managed to get pregnant about a month after we were married, so caution to all you newlyweds and about to be newly weds. We were celebrating our one year anniversary with a two month old at home. Go the math...everyone else did, and they still do.

I would not trade a minute of our crazy lives together though. I have been blessed with a Godly, loving, and mostly unselfish husband - hey no one is perfect! But he lives with me and that deserves a medal, I am totally crazy. And we have a beautiful sweet laid-back (for now) baby. And Lola just puts up with us. What a great life!

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  1. Ahhh so sweet and at least theres math to do my friend. There is no need math to do with us, april wedding, june baby.