Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Got that Boom Boom Pow

I don't know about chickens jackin' your style, but they sure aren't jackin' mine. Man, I went to my first Zumba class Monday night and I am still feeling it today. Of course since then I have run a few miles and got in most of the Hard Body Yoga DVD, thank you Tari, and thanks mom for the DVD. And if you are counting, yes, it is only Wednesday.
Let me just say that I heart Zumba. Mostly for the music. Let's face it, I am a white girl and I grew up Southern Baptist, and I have the flattest booty you have ever not seen, but somehow, I can dance. Thanks to Mrs. Nadine and the ballet lessons all through grade school I managed to develop quite a bit of rhythm... the sass came all on its own.
Our instructor is just so amazing, that woman smiled and wiggled the whole way through the class. Did I mention she was pregnant? Uh huh, visibly pregnant. So freakin' cute pregnant, that it made me jealous and want to have another baby, but pissed because I would not be the cute pregnant that she was. Just this little bump in the front. As history has proved, I am pregnant from my toenails to my hair follicles. EVERYTHING gets bigger. Hence, Zumba.
It kicked my ass though, I was making all the moves but my cheeks were pink and I was definitely winded. Ha, winded. Anyways I was also one of the bigger girls in the class. Not that I am huge, but just another reason on the list of why I hate that college students can't go freaking work out in their own gym. EAT already! But thanks to M.E. - my partner in exercising crime - we made it through the class and lived to tell about it. And I cannot wait to go back for more of that Boom Boom Pow!