Saturday, February 6, 2010

Safer Bath, Safer World

 I really want this little bath ornament from Skip Hop! As if bath time isn't fun enough for us.

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If wedding hoopla makes thousands, then baby hoopla makes millions!  There are so many things out there that are marketed to strike fear into the heart of expectant and new moms. You must have this bottle sanitizer or your baby will get the fatal ick! I could make a long list here but I won't. There are also tons of toys and gadgets promising to make your baby happier and your life easier. Let me tell you that if I have learned a little so far it is this: happy momma = happy baby. And this happy momma doesn't need a ton of baby crap piling up in my 1263 square foot house. So my policy is to have one large toy and once it gets boring we move onto the next large toy. First we had the baby papasan - which was great when Baby H got the Baby Boogies and had to sleep almost upright. Then that was boring. Then we had the swing - magic for managing dinners with the hubby during the early weeks. Now we have the exersaucer/ jumper - I could not shower and dry my hair without this thing!

We have about 6 little toys that we rotate including the BlaBla and Baby H is none the wiser. Sure we will end up with a trunk full of things, but for now we manage this small menagerie. Ugh, though I shudder to think what child marketing will do to her little brain. Maybe it's best to just keep the TV off for the first decade?

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