Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are we there yet...

So I am into the first week of my training. Ask me how much I have run. No really ask me! ZERO!! So tomorrow all of you, yes all 6 of you, ask me if I ran, ok? I am going to the gym this afternoon to run two miles. That is right, my first post-baby run will be two miles. Is it ok if the run turns into more of a walk/run? And no I am not sitting here blogging hours before my first post-baby run with a slice of reheated pizza in my hand. Absolutely not! And I will NOT get up and get a chocolate-chip cookie when I am done. Blast that amazing invention of a Kitchenaid mixer - it just makes it so easy.

This is not a pretty picture but I had to capture my first mashed potatoes in my new mixer, I did them all by myself. What a defining moment. I had a baby and now I have done mashed potatoes.

Yes I am that lame, but my hubby said that they were amazing, even better than the ones that came out of a box in flake form. And coming from a guy who was a bachelor for the good part of his twenties (read: all food was instant) that is a HUGE compliment! He really is quite the foodie, and to his credit does most of the cooking in the house these days.

We have actually begun to get into a better rhythm with our family and thanks to Emealz we make dinner at least five nights a week. We have been doing it for about two weeks so I will have to let you know, but so far it is pretty great. The food has not been bad, it usually takes thirty minutes or under to prepare the meal, and we are saving a decent amount on our groceries. It is worth it to me simply for the fact that I don't have to spend brain power on thinking about what to make for dinner or trying to come up with a grocery list. So now I can use my brain power for blogging and all my spare time for training! Woo hoo, woo. Can you hear the excitement in my voice?
Seriously though, it does free up some time. Any little bit helps these days! Ok enough procrastinating, I better get my butt to the gym and join the many many others that will be there determined to fulfill their New Year's resolutions before the end of the month!

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