Thursday, January 14, 2010

I know all of you are just dying to know about my training. I know you were just about to Facebook stalk me to see if I had in fact done the running that I said I would do. WELL I DID! I actually did 2.35 miles thank you very much. Sure I walked some of it, and sure I ate pizza and chocolate chip cookies just before. But I did it. And I maintain that those cookies helped me every bit of the way. Though my husband has banned me from eating them for a long long time. More on that later.
I am quite pleased with myself for keeping with it. I have varied a little from the training plan, but for the most part I am sticking with it despite a rather serious shoe predicament. See apparently Asics cut back on their production and you cannot get this shoe until the new shipment goes out, nationwide. Or at least that is what they guy at Fleet Feet told me, but he already knew I had a gift card to the store so he has my money coming anyways. I have run in the same shoe since my junior year of college, they have kept the same design, minus a few minor structural improvements, and I love it. So I am patiently waiting for the latest version to come hurtling down the conveyor belts. This is what I want:

The GT - 2150. A fine piece of running equipment. Let's pause for a moment for the glorious simplicity that is the sport of running. All you really need is shoes. Well shoes and some serious sports-bra layering in my current condition. But don't you just love the fact that you can lace up and go? Nothing has to be tuned up, pumped up or tightened down. No trailer or rack required. Ah I love a low maintenance sport. And a big thank you to my husband's sweet sister for getting me that gift card that I cannot wait to swipe!

Ok so about the cookies...if anyone saw my tweet a day ago you would understand somewhat where I am going with this. So Tuesday my husband picks up Baby H from daycare, but it took him a minute to recognize her. Why? Well because she was in a Christmas outfit, and it was January 12th and the name "Max" was embriodered on it. Hmmm. Who is Max and is he missing his favorite festive wear? Apparently the day care keeps extra clothing on hand for "situations" like these. Situations like ours, where mom has had one too many chocolate chip cookies that sets off a chain of unfortunate events that can only result in not one, but two total outfit changes. And here I was thinking that one extra was enough! They kindly put the sad aftermath neatly into a little plastic bag. So thank you sweet ladies that love my baby enough to not let her sit around half naked because momma was overly self-indulgent, and thank you Max for leaving behind your Christmas outfit from 1997. Not that Baby H minded one bit. Here is a brief synopsis of the day's events as retold by Baby H herself:

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