Monday, January 18, 2010

Call me crazy...

Ok, so I am going to just go ahead and put this out there and hope and pray that this feeling goes away. Why oh why oh why can I not stop thinking about having another baby??
There, I said it, it's out there. Now begin the unsolicited advice - that is what the comment section of these things is for people!
But seriously, this crazy thought came into my head in the weirdest way. I kept hearing about people being pregnant and I would get this little tingle of jealousy - what is that? Maybe I just loved the attention so much? And then it progressed to some sort of reasoning for me to stay slightly out of shape, because what is the point of losing all that weight and toning up if you are just going to balloon out again? Just last Monday I was telling my husband these things. Out loud, where he could hear me! And then I started rationalizing to him out loud that if we had our next children (yes that is more than one) close together when were through with diapers we would be totally done. And sure teething may last four years or so, but then it would be over. I know this logic is flawed somewhere, but it is not apparent enough to keep me from thinking this way. There is the slight issue of finances - but hey that is what hand-me-downs are for. No I would not care in the slightest if Junior wore all pink - it wouldn't really scar him until grade school anyways.
Never mind the fact that hubby is going back to school. I am sure you will hear of my new found respect for single working mothers soon. But by the time he is done with school will be just about the time we would need the extra hands - because they, yes more than one, would not really be all that mobile for the first nine-ish months right?

Here is my final argument:

Look at her! How could I not want five more just like her?! Boy or girl, if they come out this cute and this sweet. I have been warned of this phenomenon - having a good baby first. Apparently it is how you end up with an extra large family. The second one turns out to be a handful, so you keep having them trying to get back to the original sweetness and five delivery room ceilings later you are just left thinking man that is a lot of laundry!


  1. I dont see anything wrong with wanting another baby now! We can be preggers together! The finances-thing really is something to work out probably. I do, however, not think that you should use that as an excuse not to lose the extra baby weight now, as you will just have a harder time losing it when you are done popping out sprogs if you let it all go to pot now. Ive been jogging pregnant and whilst you do have to wear two sports bras and still sometimes hold your boobs down, and the belly does jiggle around, its still fun and nice alone time.
    So you are thinking about 5 kids eh! That I would advise against!

  2. oh good god. please don't give me a heart attack this early in the morning.

  3. haha, anna's comment made me laugh... harper is pretty stinkin' cute...