Saturday, January 2, 2010

Throw it and go

My sister, we call her Boo Boo, got this for Baby H for Christmas. And man does she love this little frog. Niki is her given name and you can find all of the precious Blabla dolls at It is such a great company and the dolls are machine washable! I really hope that she loves her Blabla as much as I do. Niki is not someone I would mind taking out in public if necessary.

For the record it is really not worth it to have baby clothes or toys that you cannot toss in the wash and go. You always think - oh that is so beautiful, a hand stitched day gown with lace and ribbon. Let's be honest your little one will wear that once and never again because you won't have time to hand wash it, air dry it, iron it and get it back into the closet before they have grown out of it. I have several outfits that Baby H only wore once because somewhere around 2 months old she starting growing exponentially. I swear we would go get her out of her crib and instead of a sweet baby lay the incredible Hulk - seams clinging together for life and shins showing from her pants where ankles were once covered.
I have been absolutely blown away at how fast Baby H grows. I cannot keep up. I rotate her clothing supply on an almost bi-monthly basis. And thankful she has not broken the bank - yet. I just want to take a moment to thank our wonderful families and friends who have kept our baby continually clothed, because if it was up to us that little booger monster would be rolling around in the same three onsies and a diaper. Pause - I cannot wait for summer because nothing is cuter than little naked baby cheeks!
Nothing brings out generosity and kindness of spirit like a baby, and nothing will ever make me so humble and grateful - the many gifts of supplies and time have been astounding, and I hope that when my turn comes I will be just as generous.

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  1. Well your time has come and you have begun with flying colours! Thanks for the stuff you gave me yesterday! I didnt get a chance to go through it yesterday as apparently I needed a nap and didnt realise! Its also cold in our house and I didnt fancy taking my clothes off to try new clothes on! Thanks though, Im going to try them all on tonight as Im probably going to make an Old Navy sale purchase also! yeay for sale items!